The pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers face significant challenges where StableMed is able to support:

  • Limited access to physicians
  • Numerous communication channels that keep growing
  • Tough (really tough) regulators
  • Healthcare reform and accountable care
  • Restricted budgets, leaving you no room for error
  • The need for speed and agility in the marketplace
Distribution, Local Marketing and Sales

StableMed is able to take care of the distribution of your consumer products directly to resellers as well as to wholesalers. We understand the local market and channels.

  • Local distribution to resellers, direct sales in webshop
  • Channel management
  • (Pre-)Market research
  • Local Marketing
  • International network support to other countries

What StableMed brings you is over 25 years of specialist-physician relationships and an understanding of what motivates medical professionals to listen and interact, so they can confidently connect with your data. We're a scientifically rigorous agency that understands how to employ digital and leverage multichannel, so you don’t waste time and money.  We are devoted to scientific and strategic rigor so the right content, messages, and programs that build the foundation of your drug are done right the first time.