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Common Complications – Smart solutions


Worldwide, 371 million people are currently living with diabetes, and this population will grow to 552 million before 2030. The diabetes market is and will remain to be a very important growth platform. Building upon its century long history in this field, StableMed is committed to improving global and national diabetes management through its integrated offering of treatments, medical devices and services.

StableMed has established agreements with several companies to make new and innovative healthcare solutions available to patients and customers .

  • Diabetes protective clothing
  • Innovative Performance Clothing
  • Food supplements


Pregnancy – the nine months or so for which a woman carries a developing embryo and fetus in her womb – is for most women a time of great happiness and fulfillment. However, during pregnancy, both the woman and her developing child face various health risks. For this reason, StableMed is committed to make a healthcare contribution to mother and child.

  • Protective Clothing
  • Food supplements, contributing to normal muscle function


The Netherlands: healthy and well. This is the motto of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). The ambition of the Ministry of VWS is to keep everyone healthy as long as possible and to restore the sick to health as quickly as possible. The ministry also seeks to support people with a physical or mental limitation and promote social participation. StableMed, provides nutrition, supplements and medical devices for improvement of physical and mental health of Sports, is aiming to aid the ministry of VWS to fulfil this goal.

  • Innovative Performance Clothing                                  Performance - Orthopaedic. Increases performance, concentration and strength of legs and lower back and decreases early fatigue. Improvement of balance and flexibility.
  • Food supplements. Immediate effect on you muscles and performance.

Consumer HealthCare (CHC)

The consumer healthcare business brings an added dynamic dimension to our company, however, as for all of our products, the driving force behind our consumer healthcare business is science and innovation. The business takes scientific innovation as seriously as marketing excellence and offers leading-edge capability in both.

We empower consumers all over the world to take care of their health in a sustainable way.

Healthy food and lifestyle are essential for a healthy body; the Stablemed products, when needed, are complementing. StableMed Consumer Healthcare assumes that the consumer is enabled by the manufacturer and should be independently make the right product choice . This requires excellent and complete information about the various products in combination with a wide distribution and thus good availability of these products through various channels.

StableMed Consumer Healthcare strives to deliver consumers in specific situations in a relevant manner of service.

  • Innovative Performance Clothing
    Well-being - Anti-Celluline. Increase of concentration and a sense of well-being, decrease of cellulite appearance.
  • Food supplements
  • Consumer personal health products