Company & Our values


Within StableMed we believe in increasing consumer en customer awareness for health and wellness. Moreover, increasing needs of an ageing population, as well as a constantly widening distribution allows us to provide our customers with more products of value.


StableMed strategy includes the following key components:

  • Adherence to the company’s unique business model ( focused Diabetes, Pregnancy and Sports platforms) 
  • Excellence in marketing of Health, Care & Innovations
  • Organize and manage for success by focusing on platforms
  • Exhibit consistent operational excellence

Make a promise, keep a promise… We feel responsible for the quality and sustainability of our products and services. We are always conscious of the environment we all share. Above all, we are genuine in the way we work and we can be relied upon to get the job done simply, accurately and on time.


We remain competitive, dynamic and innovative by continuing to develop our capability to introduce new products en services. We make communications easier, embrace and develop new technologies, and make sure we give ourselves and our clients a competitive edge.

Customer value

Within StableMed we will provide our customers with the benefits of our products, experience and expertise, as well as surround ourselves with employees and partners who share our values. We use our knowledge, practical know-how and insight. 

Human values in a business environment: you may doubt our words but you will believe our actions!